For Clinicians – Referrals

To make a referral, please fax your referral directly to the clinic at 604.438.8289.

After the referral is made, patients can call the clinic directly at 604.438.8288 to make an appointment or otherwise, we will contact the patient directly to set a date if we have not heard from them within 36-72 hours. If we are unable to contact the patient, the referral will be returned, so it is essential that current contact information is sent.

Any previous relevant laboratory testing and history to accompany the referrals is most appreciated.

Downloadable PDF and Word referral forms are available for your convenience:

Word: TropMedReferralMD.doc

PDF: TropMedReferralMD.pdf

Urgent consultations can generally be seen within a week. If acute malaria is a suspected, this is considered a medical emergency and the patient should  be seen emergently at the nearest hospital, preferably one with an Infectious Diseases consultant on-call and with access to anti-malarials. (Vancouver General Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, Surrey Memorial Hospital).